• Stewart Kelly

The Tune-Up: Is It Time?

I've been speaking to a lot of piano teachers who have been forced over the recent months to take their lessons online. One of the fascinating byproducts of this new normal has been getting an in-depth look at the condition of the instruments students have at home. Amongst many glowing reports, I have heard many horror stories of keyboards at the wrong height, shocking swivel office chairs, old pianos at the wrong pitch entirely and many examples of very poorly tuned pianos. You wouldn't expect results if you were attempting elite sport with faulty or worn equipment. Similarly, acoustic pianos (both grand pianos and uprights) require regular maintenance to keep them playing at their best. So how often should you tune a piano? There is no one answer to this question but a good rule of thumb is to schedule in one tuning per year at a minimum. It's also useful to note that most manufacturers require this level of upkeep to keep your piano in warranty. Exposure to large changes in temperature or humidity and the amount a piano is played will have a huge impact on it's tuning stability, so you may wish to have the piano tuned a little more frequently if you live in a place where the temperature is relatively volatile. Similarly, if you're working at the piano a lot (good on you!) you may want to have it checked a few extra times each year. It's important to ensure your piano is maintained by a qualified and experienced technician and we're always happy to offer you recommendations for our preferred technicians and tuners in your area! If you have questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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